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While that's fun, you can always
have more fun in New Ulm



Herr Story

Welcome to New Ulm.

Minnesota's State Capitol for fun.

Your towering guide to good times, Hermann the German

herman's 						head

I'm Hermann. I'm a big deal around here.

The biggest version you'll see when you visit is a 102-foot copper monument standing tall in Hermann Heights Park. It depicts Hermann the Cherusci, the ancient Teutonic warrior whose army liberated Germany from Roman rule in 9 A.D. History buffs get the full story, here »

  • oktoberfest

    Oktober Anytime

    Achtung, October! We love you dearly and wish you were around more often. But wait … on the calendar of good times and great places, it’s Oktober all year in New Ulm. Sehr gut! Germans have more fun 24/7/365.

    EINS, ZWEI, DRE!! »

  • bromo


    Gentlemen, a toast to our friendship. An extended toast! Three days and two nights in New Ulm, Minn. Pack your fun goggles, we’ve got the good times on tap. Do Germans really have more fun? Dude, hold my bev and watch this.

    EINS, ZWEI, DRE!! »

  • romance

    Hopeless Romantics

    My Dearest, please confirm at your earliest convenience our long weekend getaway in the fair city of New Ulm, Minnesota. There we will have fun. Fun with a German accent. Fun with beer breath. Fun together. XOXOXO


  • autulm

    Fall Fun

    Autumn. Fall. Minnesota. Ah, the good life. The season built for fun. In the city that puts fun on the map. This is the long weekend that will carry us into winter still smiling. To that we say, Prost! Ein Toast!

    EINS, ZWEI, DRE!! »

What is the footprint and where did it come from?

german girls

Tell us your theory!

Did a (really big) "certain someone" ignore a 'wet concrete' sign? Is is a discarded mold from a cobbler to the giants? An alien relic? Visit the New Ulm Facebook page to tell us what you think!

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